In with the new (and not so new)!

Happy Monday, everyone.  Hopefully, your week will start out well. Mine is going okay so far.  I broke off two nails on my right hand yesterday at my brother's bowling party!  I didn't even score well enough to make the breaks worth it! I have to file down my nails now grr...
Many thanks to Brooke over at GetchNailsDid for including me in her New Blogs on the Block! I greatly appreciate the nail polish community and Brooke is great for welcoming us newbies in!

I really hope no one minds the fact that I'm posting year's old polishes, but I never get tired of seeing them.  This is OPI's Brand New Skates and it's one of my favorite grey polishes.  It accurately matches the color of my car :) All these OPI's have been fitting my rainy day moods.  This grey matches the sky perfectly, just when it's finished raining.
Well, I'm off to repair my bowling nail fiasco and I'll probably be rocking shorties for awhile.

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