The only mint I own...

This lumpy, bumpy, POS picture is of Sinful's Mint Apple.  This is actually the only mint I own.  For some reason, I never really got behind the idea behind all the other mint polishes of the world, but I do like this one. It looks much dustier in the bottle, but it's a beautiful pale green with very fine shimmer. The formula on this was so-so.  This picture was three coats, so be patient and use thin coats. 

All in all this is a great little polish.  For $1.99 at Walgreens anyone can afford to bulk up their polish collection with great colors like these!

What's better than Chocolate Rain?

PURPLE RAIN!!! I finally have the polish that kicks Vendetta's wannabe bum!  

This is my first NARS polish and I am so damn impressed. This color is a deep purple with red and blue shimmer throughout the entire polish.  The shimmer in this polish is amazing.  I almost did not want this polish from how it looked in the bottle, but boy I'm glad I got it. RUN to Sephora and get this! Well, driving would make more sense, but you get the urgency, right?

These pictures looked great in my Iphoto, but they appear to be a little washed out once I uploaded them to Blogger.  This polish is a deep purple that leans on the side of red, not a light purple at all.

Awesome contest alert!

The ever amazing blog, Painted Lady Fingers, is having a fantastic ManGlaze giveaway.  Pop on over HERE and check it out!! It's worth your while, I promise!

Holo Happiness Part Deux

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Just a quickie post again, with another amazing China Glaze holo!

Bask in the wonder that is China Glaze DV8!!

Holo Happiness!

We had a few days of sun last week, so I definitely made it a point to break out my holos. So, here I am continuing the holo theme, but this time with China Glaze!!!

Here is the ever beautiful LOL from the China Glaze OMG collection.  I must say I do like writing in internet speak from time to time, ROFLMAOCOPTER11!! Juuuuussst kidding. This is a great mid purple holo that I cannot get over.  These bad boys look so great in the sun! Check out that rainbow effect!

You do have to be a leeeedle bit careful applying these.  You can use a base coat, but I make sure mine is bone dry before applying my polish coat, otherwise you may experience some drag. Holos have a tendency to chip rather quickly, so I usually wear a topcoat with them, even though it dulls the shine a little bit.

OPI Designer Series Fantasy

I have been lemming this polish for I don't know how long.  I finally gave into EvilBay this last month and picked this bottle o' shine up. 

OPI Designer Series Fantasy is everything I wanted it to be, although it is not as holographic as it's other DS family members.  It is one of the darkest holos that I've ever seen, even though it lacks that oil slick quality a good deal of other holos contain.  This was two easy peasy coats with great coverage.  This polish is a dream to work with.  

I think this specific color is only available through e-tailers now, which isn't a bad thing because at places like Ulta and Trade secret you'll be spending far more than necessary.  If you want this one, search out your options!

Strawberry Fields Forever!

Hope everyone is enjoying the day off today! Here is my belated Valentine's day mani!  I took off this weekend for some R&R, but was a bad blogger and didn't set up any posts for you all. My love day was low key and enjoyable.  Lots of sunshine and cold drinks :)

Behold, China Glaze Strawberry Fields!!! I NEVER EVER wear pink polishes on my hands, but this dream of a polish is the only one I allow respite on my tips.  This color screams summer and was from China Glaze's 2009 Summer Days collection.  I adore this as a pedi color.  Its a medium shade of pink with gold glass fleck shimmer throughout the polish. 
Lookit the shimmer!  Two coats will give you great coverage and with the formula being so good you can wear this mani for days.  

Sorry I didn't have any exciting Konads or hearts for you.  I definitely leave that kind of stuff to the other pro bloggers out there! 

Btw, How was your weekend?? Any fun trips with your S.O. or did play it lazy like my bf and I did? 

OPI Jade is the New Black

Once again I'm attempting to go sans shimmer, glitter and OMGLOOKITHOWSHINY.  I will say polishes like the following are making the process far less painful. Today, I bring you a member from the OPI Hong Kong Collection (Say that ten times fast).

Jade is the New Black is a really interesting grayed jade creme, with a slightly dusty quality to it.  I haven't seen any other greens out there quite like this one.  It applied very well and in my case the second coat smoothed out any trouble spots like magic.  It is a little thick, so don't go too crazy with that brush.
So if OPI releases cremes that look like this, I'm sure I'll be fully onboard in no time :)

More Ms. Sally

I've got one more Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear today.  I apologize in advance for the state of my hands and cuticles.  I can't seem to find the right combo of products to keep them in shape this winter and the fact that they are blue in this photo doesn't help.  I'm glad Blue Me Away didn't stain my nails, but my cuticles didn't make out as lucky.

Celeb City is an awesome silver foil shine bomb.  It's very opaque and provides awesome coverage.  It's almost a one coater.  If you like that Minx-esque foil look, I'd highly recommend picking up this polish. For less than 3 bucks you get a ton o' shine!

Sally Hansen Blue Me Away

Oh dear god, my polish doesn't have shimmer or glitter or SHINY ANYTHING!!!

Ok...I'm alright.  Sally Hansen Blue Me Away is my first creme polish and I'm really digging it. It's a really summery, sky blue and I can't wait for gorgeous summer weather when I look at this polish. This picture makes it look a little darker than it actually is, but this is the closest I could get.

The cost of the Xtreme Wear polishes is great.  I definitely don't feel bad leaving a drugstore with six polishes having spent under 8 dollars.  The application on this polish was great, so the formula is better than the price may suggest. 

Go pick a few of these bad boys up! I've got more to show!

China Glaze Atlantis

I picked this bad boy up at Sally's on a whim and I'm infinitely glad that I did. Atlantis is from China Glaze's set of 50 glitters they released late this last year. I got mine at Sally's, but I know these are available at many online retailers. This color is a lovely turquoise packed with glitter! Every time I move my hand the rainbow effect this polish gives off astonishes me.  This is THE perfect sunny, happy beach day color.  The more I stare at it, the more I want to be somewhere tropical with an umbrella drink in hand. 
I did 3 coats here and it was slightly bumpy, but it isn't anything a topcoat won't fix :)


Well, I'm not giving anything away, but the hilarious wonder that is The Manicured Manatee is! Hop on over to her blog to read about her Seche Vite giveaway.  Seriously, do it!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

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Today has been kind of a mess today and I apologize for the crap photo! I'm going through some issues with family, so I've been awfully distracted and stressed, but I'm trying to keep positive!

I think it's obvious I was distracted while photographing this! My fingers are all wonky.  This is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Grape Going and I believe it's from their spring line of the Insta-Dri polishes.  I do like this polish, with its very super duper fine shimmer.  Let this be said: It is nowhere near as beautiful as RBL Scrangie.  It's not really all that similar except for the mid purple base.

These Insta-Dri brushes are not too bad, but I do find that my gap is not as neat when I use this polish.  I think mine may have a few stray hairs that just make it a little messy, but other than that the shape suits my nails.  It does dry quickly, but still be careful when doing multiple coats.  Grape Going required two.