Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Woot woot, we have sunshine today! I hope everyone has a fun Saturday and a stress free weekend.  I don't have too much planned, but I'm looking forward to this nice weather.  So here is another Summer appropriate color :)

This is three coats of China Glaze Sun Worshipper. I wasn't sure I was going to like this color on me, but I ended up loving it! This is such an amazing, retina searing yellow orange and it's so great for summer.  I got a good deal of compliments on this polish and I think I have a new love for neons.  I've been wearing this and Flip Flop Fantasy as a pedi for some time now :). Thank you China Glaze for the Poolside Collection!
The wear on this polish was good, although once mine started chipping, the whole nail would end up chipped off.

Have a great weekend all! I'm out!

Bring on Summer!

I really am a spoiled Californian, but I'm getting tired of this grey weather.  It's the end of May, I demand sunshine and summer weather!

Well, this is supposed to be a photo of China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy, a bright neon pink, but I don't know what my blog is doing to this photo.  Its a super fun bright pink with a wee twinge of coral and it looks that way in my Iphoto, but on here not quite so much. I currently have this on my toes and it's a fantastic color even in the shade. So bright!
These neons are a pain in the arse to photograph, but this one is a must have. I'm gonna do my best to edit it this so it shows up on my blog correctly! Sorry if this throws you guys off :(

How funky is your chicken?

Hey everyone! Thanks for being patient with me this week.  I haven't been too motivated, but I did get some swatches done for you guys. I'm needy and don't want you to abandon me :P

This is two beautiful lovely coats of OPI Funky Dunky from the new Shrek collection. I keep calling it "Funky Donkey", so forgive me if I type that!  This polish is my first purple creme! I love it.  It's a rich purple with a hint of grey in it.  It's super duper shiny and looks great sans topcoat.  I could practically see my reflection in my nails! 
I think I may pick up one or two more of the collection, but I don't know about the Shrek colored greens! Maybe, I should just be adventurous!

Quickie NOTD: Zoya Sienna

Sorry for the quick post ya'll.  It's been a bit hectic in my life right now.  A really good friend of mine passed this last week, so I haven't really been focusing on much. But,  I needed a happy color and this one suited me just fine!

Zoya Sienna is a really yummy orange shimmer.  This polish is pretty comparable to China Glaze's Orange Marmalade and has a very similar glass fleck appearance.  I did 3 coats to completely rid myself of visible nail line. 

Hopefully, everyone is having a good week.  I'll post more when I can. 

The Life Aquatic: Hunt for Hidden Treasure

Apparently, there was a mass Walgreens scouring across the country when this polish came out.  Luckily, with my red beanie and glock in hand, I found the elusive Hidden Treasure. 


Thar she blows, folks!  This is three coats of Hidden Treasure over my bare nails.  I actually wore this as a mani for a good 3 days before taking this photo.  I really wanted to test out Sally Hansen's 5-in-1 claim and see how it would do without additional base and topcoat. I scrubbed the shower right before this so pardon the cuticles.  I will say my polish held up well and it looked awesome at that.  It's like I had opals on my fingertips :) 

And here is the Captain of the A team! This is two coats of Hidden Treasure over eleventy billion coats of Sally Hanse Blu. I kind of wanted to pick a lighter base than a normal black, just to see what would happen.  I do like the result, it reminds me of a pair of simulated opal earrings I used to have.  

The wear on these Sally Hansen Complete blabbity blah polishes have been good so far.  I really hope they keep coming out with interesting colors such as these.

No Jaguar Sharks were hurt in the making of this review.  (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please go watch The Life Aquatic :)

Sally Hansen makes me crazy!

I wish all stores would get all polishes at the same time.  No more endless lists on the Nailboard about who found a certain flakie polish where! We all want it at the same time! That being said, I'm sure you know which brand is the culprit. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure...state your case.

This is 3 coats of Sea and Be Seen.  It's a light cornflower blue with a slight twinge of purple running throughout the polish.  The silver shimmer is interspersed with slightly more chunky particles making for a really pretty effect.  I will say that I prefer the bottle a little more to what shows up on my nails.  In the bottle you can see some green and purple casts, but on the nail I haven't been able to see it. 

The formula was pretty good, but be careful when applying multiple coats, they may smudge.  I like the brush, but I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea. I found that the wear on this polish has been really good, so I'm thinking of maybe picking a few more of these up

Happy end of Mother's Day to everyone.  Sorry that I haven't been posting much this week.  The swim team I coach had finals this week and our school was hosting it.  Needless to say, I've been a bit frazzled this week.  I'll have a post for you all tomorrow :)

China Glaze Towel Boy Toy

Ahhh summer is upon us! I am so excited to be wearing neon collections like China Glaze's Poolside!  So far, I've only got one from the collection because my beauty supply only had one :(

This is two coats of China Glaze Towel Boy Toy.  I would've bought this for the name, but the color so happens to be amazing as well! This is a very bright color, but not really a true neon.  It's a brightened light blue with ultra fine shimmer.  My mom, who isn't a polish fiend, was quite impressed at how fine the shimmer is in this polish.  I couldn't quite get a photo of it, but it's more apparent in the bottle than on the nail.  
Hopefully, I'll be able to get my hands on the rest of this collection.  I've got my eye on Flip Flop Fantasy!

Giveaway Winner!!

Congratulations to.......

You've won my very first giveaway! Kudos to you! I've sent an email to the email address you provided me.  You have 48 hours to respond with your mailing address so I can get these goodies to you!!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered! I can't believe how many responses I got, I now have over 200 followers!! I'll host another giveaway when I hit another milestone.  Maybe this time it'll be a book to go with all that polish :)