China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires

Another Monday *groan* Well, I'll take the Mondays as long as we're getting closer to summer.  The weather in my area this weekend really made me excited for days to come.  I even managed to get to the beach :)
Speaking of things that don't have anything to do with the weather or the beach...

Eyes Like Sapphires is a royal blue with a slight frost to it.  It also has thicker grains of silver shimmer peeking out, which did result in me getting a few bumps of grit here and there.  A good topcoat should be able to even all that out, though. 

4 Response to "China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires"

  1. xXMonsterManiacXx Says:

    Gorgeous color !

  2. Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes Says:

    I had no idea that color was so rich looking.

  3. Jackie S. Says:

    WOW! This reminds me of CG's "Frost Bite"? very pretty blue!

  4. Lucy Says:

    I had to check my book to see if I had this one. Thank goodness I do. It's a gorgeous blue. Looks amazing on you. I'd love to have a stone in a ring this shade of blue.

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