OPI Russian Navy Suede

I really jumped aboard the matte train this last fall and I was really happy to see different companies embracing the trend.  I will say that in the case of OPI the Suede collection is FAR superior to their matte collection. Their mattes were just so chalky looking, blegh.  Here is one of my faves from the Suedes.

2 coats
OPI Russian Navy Suede is probably my favorite blue matte/suede finish polish. It isn't flat at all and the fine matted shimmer gives this polish a great depth.  Whenever I'm feeling lazy or don't have time to wait for a mani to dry, I throw this one.  It dries super quickly, so you can do two coats and be out the door.  If you do have some time, see my next photo :)

With topcoat
I love throwing on topcoat a day or two later, because it's like a brand new mani without all the hassle! There is so much shine in this polish and a quick swipe of a clear polish does this baby wonders.  I almost prefer it to the matted finish!

3 Response to "OPI Russian Navy Suede"

  1. Gingerkittydesigns Says:

    I love this color!!

    I still really like the mattes with top coats though, I have not gone just matte only. :0)

  2. Jan Says:

    like this color.. i think it's better as matte without top coat. :)

  3. Legra Says:

    Gingerkitty- I love this one too! It's my favorite one to keep as a matte.

    Jan- I like it without top coat as well, but I'm happy it looks so nice with!

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