Zoya, will you marry me? Part I

I've never really wanted to marry a nail polish, but Zoya has made me want to marry an entire collection (possibly a bottle of remover as well).  I can picture it now....Zoya Sparkle and I will play in the sunshine and watch our little sparkle babies scamper in the grass.
Ok, I'm being creepy. On with ze photos!

2 Coat
I'm still choosing to pretend that Alegra has two L's in it and was named after me.  I shouldn't be such a jerk because this polish deserves nothing but praise.  This polish is a much more vivid, bright magenta that what my picture depicts. It's a jelly base with a mix of superfine pink and clear sparkles. 

3 coats
Gilda, you saucy minx you.  I shun pink, but how can I resist your bright pink hue and fish scale type glitter? You're right, I can't

2 coats
Nihdi stops me dead in my tracks.  For all the smack talking I do about reds, this was smacked me back HARD.  This polish has quite a dense base color that I was not expecting.  Also, instead of matching red glitter it had flecks of gold and fine silver shimmer throughout it. 

I cannot help but love all these colors and they are not my usual cup of tea.  Stay tuned for Part II and the rest of the Sparkle lovelies!

2 Response to "Zoya, will you marry me? Part I"

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Oh I love Zoya. I have the Reverie collection and oh my goodness. The only polishes I've ever finished were Zoya :)

  2. Legra Says:

    Zoya is so great! I'm pretty sure I'll be finishing some of these polishes :)

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