The only mint I own...

This lumpy, bumpy, POS picture is of Sinful's Mint Apple.  This is actually the only mint I own.  For some reason, I never really got behind the idea behind all the other mint polishes of the world, but I do like this one. It looks much dustier in the bottle, but it's a beautiful pale green with very fine shimmer. The formula on this was so-so.  This picture was three coats, so be patient and use thin coats. 

All in all this is a great little polish.  For $1.99 at Walgreens anyone can afford to bulk up their polish collection with great colors like these!

2 Response to "The only mint I own..."

  1. Katrina Says:

    I just got that yesterday. Its much prettier on then I expected.

  2. Legra Says:

    It looked funky in the bottle, but I'm really glad I bought it!

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