What's better than Chocolate Rain?

PURPLE RAIN!!! I finally have the polish that kicks Vendetta's wannabe bum!  

This is my first NARS polish and I am so damn impressed. This color is a deep purple with red and blue shimmer throughout the entire polish.  The shimmer in this polish is amazing.  I almost did not want this polish from how it looked in the bottle, but boy I'm glad I got it. RUN to Sephora and get this! Well, driving would make more sense, but you get the urgency, right?

These pictures looked great in my Iphoto, but they appear to be a little washed out once I uploaded them to Blogger.  This polish is a deep purple that leans on the side of red, not a light purple at all.

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  1. Musicalhouses Says:

    NARS Purple Rain looks absolutely stunning! I love it!

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