Holo Happiness!

We had a few days of sun last week, so I definitely made it a point to break out my holos. So, here I am continuing the holo theme, but this time with China Glaze!!!

Here is the ever beautiful LOL from the China Glaze OMG collection.  I must say I do like writing in internet speak from time to time, ROFLMAOCOPTER11!! Juuuuussst kidding. This is a great mid purple holo that I cannot get over.  These bad boys look so great in the sun! Check out that rainbow effect!

You do have to be a leeeedle bit careful applying these.  You can use a base coat, but I make sure mine is bone dry before applying my polish coat, otherwise you may experience some drag. Holos have a tendency to chip rather quickly, so I usually wear a topcoat with them, even though it dulls the shine a little bit.

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