Strawberry Fields Forever!

Hope everyone is enjoying the day off today! Here is my belated Valentine's day mani!  I took off this weekend for some R&R, but was a bad blogger and didn't set up any posts for you all. My love day was low key and enjoyable.  Lots of sunshine and cold drinks :)

Behold, China Glaze Strawberry Fields!!! I NEVER EVER wear pink polishes on my hands, but this dream of a polish is the only one I allow respite on my tips.  This color screams summer and was from China Glaze's 2009 Summer Days collection.  I adore this as a pedi color.  Its a medium shade of pink with gold glass fleck shimmer throughout the polish. 
Lookit the shimmer!  Two coats will give you great coverage and with the formula being so good you can wear this mani for days.  

Sorry I didn't have any exciting Konads or hearts for you.  I definitely leave that kind of stuff to the other pro bloggers out there! 

Btw, How was your weekend?? Any fun trips with your S.O. or did play it lazy like my bf and I did? 

2 Response to "Strawberry Fields Forever!"

  1. jaljen Says:

    This is the only pink I have or probably ever will have. It applies like a dream. Who needs Konads. Bah. Or hearts. Double humbug.

  2. Legra Says:

    This is seriously the only pink I've purchased for myself in the last 2 years. I love it so much!

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