Orly Foil Fx

I've got Luxe and Shine for you today! My Sally's did not have Rage, although I'm not really into rose gold type shades.  These are my first two Orly polishes!

Ok, I HATE gold jewelry, but Luxe is the most beautiful shade of gold polish! This one really appeals to me because it is a true gold without leaning toward yellow gaudy-ness. This polish seems to have a super  teeny, fine shimmer to it that I can't quite describe.  It's pretty much opaque in one coat and a definite must have if you like the look of Minx and foil finished nails!

The sun had just ran behind clouds as I took this photo, but Shine is freaking amazing none the less! This is such a crisp, clean silver and I'm sad that I don't have a better photo for you.  Trust me, it's so worth it.

Both of these polishes applied smoothly and I did two thin coats for both. The fact that these are metallics with a foil finish AND not a brush stroke in sight makes me love Orly.

What does everyone think about these polishes?

2 Response to "Orly Foil Fx"

  1. augusta Says:

    i have the rose gold one and i love it! i plan on getting the other too very soon.

  2. Legra Says:

    Augusta, I never really liked rose gold shades, but I may have to get it since everyone seems to love it!

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