Purple Pizazz and many thanks!

Wow! I now have 40 followers on my lil' blog and I must say I appreciate each and every one of you! It's nice knowing that people find me (somewhat) entertaining :) I think once I hit 50 I'm gonna have a cool polish and book giveaway! Thank you all again so much!

Here we have Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Purple Pizazz.  I do really love this polish, but it is seriously so dang sheer.  These photos are with three coats and in the direct sunlight I still had visible nail lines! *grumble* At least this polish applied well and it's beautiful jelly finish makes it a must have from your local drugstore.  Check out the fine flecks of reddish glitter! 

3 Response to "Purple Pizazz and many thanks!"

  1. Cyan Says:

    Thank you for showing pictures of this polish! It looks quite beautiful on your nails even though it is a sheer polish (thus making it excessively hard to work with). I have seen other photos of it, but did not realize it has such a jelly-like quality to it. Thanks for the fore-warning!

  2. Legra Says:

    You're very welcome! It's a great polish, but it's good to know ahead of time that it takes work!

  3. contests and such Says:

    I love this color! Try thicker coats, I think I did three coats with no VNL...I think... :)

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