The Life Aquatic: Hunt for Hidden Treasure

Apparently, there was a mass Walgreens scouring across the country when this polish came out.  Luckily, with my red beanie and glock in hand, I found the elusive Hidden Treasure. 


Thar she blows, folks!  This is three coats of Hidden Treasure over my bare nails.  I actually wore this as a mani for a good 3 days before taking this photo.  I really wanted to test out Sally Hansen's 5-in-1 claim and see how it would do without additional base and topcoat. I scrubbed the shower right before this so pardon the cuticles.  I will say my polish held up well and it looked awesome at that.  It's like I had opals on my fingertips :) 

And here is the Captain of the A team! This is two coats of Hidden Treasure over eleventy billion coats of Sally Hanse Blu. I kind of wanted to pick a lighter base than a normal black, just to see what would happen.  I do like the result, it reminds me of a pair of simulated opal earrings I used to have.  

The wear on these Sally Hansen Complete blabbity blah polishes have been good so far.  I really hope they keep coming out with interesting colors such as these.

No Jaguar Sharks were hurt in the making of this review.  (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please go watch The Life Aquatic :)

3 Response to "The Life Aquatic: Hunt for Hidden Treasure"

  1. l0verlada Says:

    I have actually yet to see HT by itself! It is really pretty on it's own but I think my nails are too stained for it. Oh well, I think it goes well over just about any shade- so far I've done teal, baby pink, white and dark purple- all gorgeous.

  2. Legra Says:

    l0verlada- It does look nice by itself and the wear was really good too. It looks so amazing layered over everything!
    I guess I'm lucky my nails aren't too stained. I think my Qtica treatment really helps.

  3. KarenD Says:

    This combination looks great!

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